Therapy Aroha Ltd Compassion-Based Mindfulness

The House in Which we Live

We Build Our Lives Around Us

This quote strikes me with its imagery and insight - we create our world with our actions, including our words.

Creating Your Life

Is your life what you wanted to create? If not, you still have time to make the world in which you want to live.

About Compassion-Based Mindfulness Therapy

Mindfulness is the central emphasis of our therapy, with added emphases on metta (lovingkindness) meditation and the utilisation of therapeutic tools from a number of therapeutic modalities, including Cognitive Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Compassion-Focused Therapy.

About Therapy Aroha Ltd

Therapy Aroha Ltd is based in Aotearoa New Zealand and we provide counselling, death doula and training services online, in Wellington and the top of the South Island of Aotearoa NZ. Our online services include counselling and training and in-person services include therapeutic and educational consultations, as well as end-of-life support services.