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Waitohi (Picton) Aotearoa New Zealand

Waitohi Aotearoa New Zealand

Waitohi (Picton) Foreshore, 27 March 2021

I am inspired by my home, Aotearoa New Zealand - The Land of the Long White Cloud. I have only ever felt a spiritual connection with the land in Aotearoa and in Australia. These two countries are where my heart is and are where I come to nourish my spirit. The photo above was taken by me as I walked along the foreshore, before catching the Interislander back to the North Island.

My Spiritual Journey

I have always been a seeker, believing there is more to life than just surviving, working and counting the days of life. My searching of my early life was dominated by the religious environment in which I was born. Once I was able to break free of its oppressive influences, I then went on to explore a number of other ways of viewing the world, including Buddhism, Existentialism, Stoicism and other areas of thought that I could squeeze into the 30+ years since I finished my Bachelor degree in Theology and became a Free Thinker.

I began meditating in 2003 and have a daily meditation practice. My spiritual practice doesn't exist only in my personal life and it informs my professional practice, including the integration of mindfulness practice into my work. Also, I am exploring the fusion of Jung with larger therapeutic and spiritual ideas, delving deeper into Narrative Therapy, exploring new areas of Positive Psychology, and developing a therapeutic practice which I am currently referring to as Loving-Awareness Cognitive Therapy. A great deal happening - much of which I hope to discuss here.

Gerald Lee Jordan

Gerald Lee Jordan, MBA, MEd, MCouns

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