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Living with purpose

Considering motivation

I have spent a bit of time lately focusing on what motivates me. Understanding myself is important in its own right, but also helps me when I am in an empathic space with others. I started by looking within myself and then I expanded to contemplate what motivates others. Having been in a helping profession means that I have considered motivations many times before, but at the moment I am in a position of transition in my life and I want to make choices which are most consistent with my values, goals and the direction in which I want my life to go.

What motivates me

First is family. This is always central to me and if I have to decide between professions, travel and other considerations on one side and family on the other, family always wins. So, the question is what motivates me next and is consistent with my family priorities? There are a few other things that I prioritise. Knowledge is important. Helping is important. Living consistently with my values is extremely important. Exploring new places, cultures and paradigms is important. This list isn’t exhaustive, but serves as a good starting point.

Putting it together

So, I want to keep family connections, while exploring (new places and new ideas) within a helping context. How might this look? My son is in Aotearoa New Zealand, while my fiancée is in the USA. This has been the case for a while. My son is now in his final year of school and we have discussed me travelling to the USA to be with Tracy (bringing her back to Aotearoa), while he stays with his mum. He will only lack a few months finishing school when I leave. Being away from him is difficult for me, but he is 17 and is developing his own life. I hope to be back in a few months, with my wife.

Months abroad – doing what? I really have no interest in staying in the USA any longer than necessary and Tracy and I have been discussing possibilities, such as doing volunteer work for the months until she can get into NZ. It would be nice to be outside of the English-speaking world awhile – I have three English country passports and need a break from my mother tongue. Travelling and volunteering sounds good, but what is that like in a COVID world?

Next steps

Tracy and I are getting married online at the end of this month. We will meet later in the year. I will put my things into storage and we will travel together until she can get into NZ. I will most likely discuss some of this here, as it happens.

Looking forward to what lies ahead!

Aroha nui,

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Gerald Lee Jordan, MBA, MEd, MCouns ❤️

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